Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Strong law of large numbers for t-normed arithmetics

P. Terán (2008). Fuzzy Sets and Systems 159, 343-360.

This paper was conceived and written in late 2001 and early 2002. For years, I stubbornly tried to have it published in a Statistics & Probability journal. A tale of this epic yet unfruitful quest was told in my personal blog (in Spanish).

I finally quit and submitted it to FSS, where I knew knowledgeable reviewers would be used.

Young people do all sorts of unrewarding things.

Up the line:
This started a new line.

Down the line:
A lot of subsequent material found its way to publication before the paper itself did.
·On limit theorems for t-normed sums of fuzzy random variables (2004).
·A law of large numbers in a metric space with a convex combination operation (2006, w. Ilya Molchanov). You may download it from Ilya's website.
·Probabilistic foundations for measurement modelling with fuzzy random variables (2007).
There is a further paper on the making, quite interesting.

To download, click on the title or here.

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